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Together with Seiichi Koshimizu,
a living legend and one of the most iconic blender in the history of Japanese Whisky,
we bring to you exclusive interviews, rare footage and informative content
as we discover the beauty of Japanese whisky combined with the cuisine, traditions and culture of Japan.
Members also receive access to exclusive events, merchandise and a variety of other members-only benefits.

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Exclusive Video ContentExclusive Video Content

We offer exclusive video content to our members which are not open to public viewing.

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You will be able to send your questions directly to Seiichi Koshimizu. If selected, your question will be answered by Seiichi Koshimizu in a following video.

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Join and interact with Seiichi Koshimizu and other notable guests in real time through live-streamed seminars! (TBD)

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We plan to hold exclusive member-only events, such as whisky-tasting and whisky/cuisine pairing events, in which the food is cooked by distinguished chefs from famous Japanese restaurants.

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We offer the opportunity to purchase extremely exclusive and limited whisky and whisky-related merchandise to our members.

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Memebership Fee ¥5,500per year (tax included)
Payment Method Credit Card
(VISA, Master, JCB and AMEX are accepted.)

※ Additional costs required for joining optional events or purchasing merchandise.

※ A part of the membership fee that you pay will be allocated and donated to the research and development stated below.

Every person who becomes a member of this community will directly and personally contribute
to the growth and future of Japanese Whisky.

To support the following projects, a part of the annual membership fee we collect will be donated annually to these projects.
The names of each contributing member will be attached (if consented) to the projects when making the donation.

(1) Supporting organizations which plant Japanese Mizunara Oak Trees.

"The use of Mizunara Oak is a special characteristic of Japanese whisky, and I want to pass on whisky production which uses Mizunara Oak to the next generation."

Mizunara as a material for casks has attracted attention in the whisky industry from all around the world.
However, it takes about 100 to 300 years for a Mizunara Oak tree to grow, after which it is ready to be used as a cask barrel.
If all existing Mizunara trees are cut down and used now, it will no longer be possible to enjoy whisky aged in Mizunarama casks in the future.
It is our mission to contribute to creating an environment in which the world and future generations can drink and enjoy whisky aged in Mizunara casks by preserving and growing new Mizunara trees.

(2) Supporting the "development and research of low-alcohol whisky".

Seiichi Koshimizu's dream to "Enjoy delicious whisky in old age, just like I did in my youth."

As a whisky lover, you probably want to drink and enjoy whisky no matter how old you get. However, there may come a time when whisky of ABV 40+ strains your body and may even become detrimental to your health due to your age.

But what if there was a whisky with the same amazing flavor and delightful texture, but just with a lower percentage of alcohol?

To achieve this dream, Mr. Seiichi Koshimizu has started a "low-alcohol whisky development research" in collaboration with a research institute in Yamanashi Prefecture.

While there are no guarantees that this research will be successful, we believe we will be doing our part for the future of whisky by supporting this research in any little way possible.

The details of support and donations will be published on this community page every year.
We support Seiichi Koshimizu's dream and invite you to join us in our efforts in creating a sustainable future and environment of whisky.
It is our hope that these projects become the identity of all members of this community and we pledge to do our part for the world of whisky.