Series Overview

An Interview with Seiichi Koshimizu

The Appeal of Whisky in the Mind of Seiichi Koshimizu


In this interview, we ask Seiichi Koshimizu questions on the past and future of Japanese whisky, based on the books he has penned;
"Whisky is Japan's Liquor"
"A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying Whisky"
"Japanese Whisky: The Road to the Top of the World"

Where does the true value of Japanese whisky lie? How do we protect it and spread it to the world even further?
Seiichi Koshimizu shares his thoughts on these important questions.

A Prologue of Seiichi Koshimizu

The Making of Whisky Blender Seiichi Koshimizu


Suntory's hall-of-fame Chief Blender Seiichi Koshimizu is considered a living legend in the world of Japanese Whisky and a prominent figure credited to bringing Japanese Whisky to the heights it is at today.
Together with Takeshi Kadokami, famed producer/columnist and an authority on all things Japanese cuisine, learn about who Seiichi Koshimizu really is, how Japanese Whisky came to be and what Japanese Whisky really is.

Questions of a Bartender to a Whisky Blender

What is the Deciding Factor in Making Whisky?


A blender: Someone who creates whisky. A bartender: someone who serves and creates an atmosphere in which to enjoy whisky.
Minoru Nishida is well-renowned and respected as a legend in the bartending world of Kyoto and Japan, just as Seiichi Koshimizu is in the world of whisky.
With a deep knowledge of whisky himself, having served as a judge in many whisky competitions, Nishida holds Koshimizu in extremely high regard and asks him many questions on what the most important thing in the whisky-making process is and what the Japanese whisky industry needs now and in the future.

The Pursuit and Enjoyment of Delicious Whisky

A Meeting of a Chef and Whisky Blender


Kenichi Hashimoto is not only the owner/chef of Kyoto's famed traditional restaurant Ryozanpaku and an unique culinary artist with a MBA from Kyoto University, but is also a close personal friend of Seiichi Koshimizu.
A former wine-lover, Kenichi Hashimoto found a new, even stronger passion for whisky and created something he calls "Whisky Kaiseki", an original fusion of whisky with the culinary masterpieces he crafted over the years.
Enjoy the peculiar discussion on cuisine and whisky between the one of the world's best whisky blenders and a first-class traditional Japanese chef.

A Japanese Food and Whisky Trip

Restaurant Series 1 Yakitori Restaurant Ayamuya Episode 1


Both Suntory's hall-of-fame Chief Blender Seiichi Koshimizu and famous food producer and columist Takeshi Kadokami believes that the combination of food and Japanese Whisky hold exciting undiscovered potential.
Why does Japanese Whisky go so well with food? In this series they set foot to different Michelin-starred and notable restaurants to discuss the secret behind Japanese Whisky and cuisine with chefs of many different cuisine genres.
In this episode, we visit 1 Michelin-Starred Yakitori restaurant Ayamuya in Osaka.
Most people would agree that Yakitori and whisky highball go well with each other, but we take a closer look at what goes with what.
Koshimizu and Kadokami, together with Chef Naganuma, explore the compatibility of Yakitori and Whisky.