Owner of 1-Michelin Star Yakitori Ayamuya <br />
Fukushima, Osaka<br />
 TAKUMI NAGANUMA Takumi Naganuma

Owner of 1-Michelin Star Yakitori Ayamuya
Fukushima, Osaka

Born in 1966 at Sapporo City, Hokkaido. Joined a trading company as an adult and relocated to Osaka.

With a passion for both food and drink, Naganuma found himself constantly thinking about how he would improve the countless restaurants he would visit and also awakened to the profound depth of the yakitori cuisine.

He quit his company job and after 2 years of learning how to run a restaurant business and studying the skills of a yakitori craftsman, opened Yakitori Ayamuya in Fukushima, Osaka.

Regardless of how busy it is, Chef Naganuma makes it his personal mission to serve "semi-tailormade" yakitori to each of his guests and emphasizes that this ability to personalize his food for each person is the best aspect of Yakitori cuisine.
These high standards he holds for himself has made the yakitori he makes an instant classic among his peers and culminated in Ayamuya becoming the first yakitori restaurant in Osaka to receive a Michelin star.

Even with such accomplishments, Chef Naganuma continues to think of new ways to improve the value of his yakitori cuisine.