Renowned Food Columnist and Producer TAKESHI KADOKAMI 門上 武司

Renowned Food Columnist and Producer TAKESHI KADOKAMI 門上 武司

Born in Osaka on 1952.

Food columnist and advisory editor to the gourmet magazine "Amakara Techo".

A gourmand since his youth, Kadokami would spend every dime of his paycheck on dining well and now accumulates over 1000 meals eaten at a restaurant of some kind every single year. He started his company GEODE Inc. in 1991 and is now known all across the country as not only a food columnist, but also as a editor, producer, coordinator and a key figure of the food industry.

As the Vice Chairman of the ALL JAPAN FOOD ASSOCIATION, Kadokami has a vast network of food producers all across Japan and helps to link food producers, distributors, chefs and consumers with one another. He also produces "A Symposium of Top Chefs", a 1-day collaboration event between top chefs from both Michelin-starred and hard-to-reserve restaurants.

His warm personality and vast experience in the food industry has made him an iconic figure in Kansai, well-known and respected by both professionals and casual gourmands alike.